Hemp Pre-rolls

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    Legal Jane Elektra is Not Only Beautiful, but also has one of the most enjoyable taste profiles of all the Legal Jane strains. Flavors of chocolate, wine, pine, and citrus are common with this Bud. With a Taste like this, it is no wonder why immensely popular with LEGAL JANE enthusiast but?let us be quite honest, we know we had you at chocolate and wine! Elektra starts strong and has a nice relaxing finish, just like your day.

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    Need a Break to get refreshed Take a quick Legal Jane VACATION with Hawaiian Haze. Hawaiian Haze is Sativa Dominant, giving you that uplifting feeling, for when you need to get things done. Hawaiian Haze is the perfect Strain for daytime use. With flavors of sweet and smooth, and of course, tropical flavors of citrus and pineapple. Who needs a Pina Colada ?Get that ?JUST BACK FROM HAWAII feeling Refreshed? feeling with LEGAL JANE HAWAIIAN HAZE.

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    A Legal Jane favorite, The Name Says it all. Lifter is a great strain for any time of the day to give you that little pep in your step. Lifter delivers some of the highest concentrations of Hemp of any strain on the market, plus it looks beautiful and tastes great. With notes of berry, pine and some citrus, this strain is a very enjoyable smoke and will have a slightly earthy flavor before and after.


    Strength Info:

    • Total Hemp: 19.7%
    • Suver Haze 50 x Early Resin Berry
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    LEGAL JANE Sour Space Candy is a personal favorite of ours. Tight Dense Buds with a unique flavor profile consisting of deep earthy tones, sweet cherry, and a hint of sour candied apples, help make Sour Space Candy a great smoke. Whether you are New to Hemp Flower Hemp or an Experienced Smoker, Sour Space Candy is a Great social smoke that exhibits a euphoric feeling for mind and body. we know you will enjoy trying. FIND A FRIEND AND GET READY FOR LIFTOFF WITH LEGAL JANE SOUR SPACE CANDY.

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    LEGAL JANE customers ask us all the time, what makes the Special Sauce so Special We tell them all the same thing, it is Sticky, Really, Really Sticky! Special Sauce is mostly known for its tendency to grow with a lot of resin. These Buds are Sticky, Sweet and Hoppy with notes of berry and citrus. A nice earthiness with a smooth finish, this is a great strain for motivation and tasks. Small buds that are compact and great for a variety of smoking preferences. Need to Get Back To It. Legal Jane Special Sauce can help you with your Restart.

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    The Legal Jane Staff and Customers Absolutely Love Suver Haze. Its Just what the Legal Jane Nurse Ordered.  A Legal Jane Classic and Oregon Legend, Suver Haze is aptly named after Oregon’s Original Hemp Research and Development facility. Suver Haze is a wonderful and proven flower. Heavy notes of lime margarita mixed with the exotic flavors of Sour apples makes this Bud truly tasty. This genetic wonder has a great initial uplift, followed with a nice body relaxation. Get the Best Of Both Worlds  with Legal Jane Suver Haze.

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